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Classic Car Transportation Service

Classic car transportation on Long Island by Uncle Tuddys Towing. We specialize in transporting exotic, antique and luxury cars. If you have been in search of a classic car towing company on Long Island to handle your classic car transport, then your search is finally over.

Uncle Tuddy’s is one of the best and safest exotic car transport companies in the country. We have a tremendous amount of experience as exotic car transporters. For info call 631-796-2622

Uncle Tuddy’s understands that owners and restorers of these great vintage cars are very passionate about them, and we are very passionate about providing you with the high-quality classic car transportation service that you, and your collectible automobiles, deserve. There isn’t a more reliable classic transport company whether you are looking to move a vintage muscle car or a new European import. Exotic car transportation is a specialty of Uncle Tuddy’s.


 Luxury Car Transport Service

We are a real brick-and-mortar company, with a main office in Ronkonkoma, NY. We serve Suffolk and Nassau county and our Luxury car transport services have delivered antique cars to be proudly displayed at shows, exhibitions, parades, gatherings, and meetings of car enthusiast groups. In addition, we are also a family owned-and-operated Long Island towing company, and we happily treat our customers as family while providing our exotic car transport services. Uncle Tuddy’s has the knowledge and the experience to expertly bring your exceptional vehicle to tradeshows, auctions, classic car events, or anywhere else.

Most owners of classic cars have put a great deal of time, money, energy, and effort into restoring their vehicles to their proper prestige. Our reliable and superior classic car transport services on Long Island will keep your vehicle safe on its journey to wherever you need to have it delivered. We have earned our reputation by being professional and dependable, check what people are saying about us on Yelp, so you will not have any worry or hassles.

Antique Car Transportation Company

You can count on Uncle Tuddy’s classic car transportation services, whether you have decided to purchase or sell an exotic automobile. Uncle Tuddy’s luxury car transportation services will deliver the vehicle on time and in the pristine condition that it should be displayed in. Because we believe that owning classic and exotic cars should be enjoyable, and not stressful, we make sure to give you piece of mind. For a reliable luxury car transportation company on Long Island contact us by filling out the form to the right.

The owners of rare cars, restored cars, or expensive custom cars want reassurance that their one-of-a-kind vehicle will be safe. With Uncle Tuddy’s they receive that reassurance and customer satisfaction because we understand that collecting antique, classic, and sports cars is not a standard, regular, or ordinary hobby, and therefore don’t treat transporting these vehicles as a standard, regular, or ordinary job. This type of transportation of artistic and nostalgic automobiles requires extra attention, extra care, and a great deal of experience. For your protection we are licensed and insured classic car transport company registered with the department of transportation.