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Melville Tow Truck Company with Flatbed Towing

How Tow Truck Company is Important in Melville?

When it comes to your motor vehicle, you always want to be prepared. One of the best ways to do that is having a certified professional on-call should you need car towing or emergency services in Melville. Uncle Tuddy’s is proud to serve the needs of the Melville community as a tow truck company with flatbed towing services, for classic car transport and roadside assistance. Having a vehicle emergency is not only stressful, but sometimes scary, especially when it happens at night or near a busy highway. At Uncle Tuddy’s, our goal is provide excellent customer service to get your car back on the road and give you peace of mind!

Effective Winter with Snow Plowing Services in Melville

In addition to our car towing services, Uncle Tuddy’s provides Melville with snow plowing services and parking lot maintenance. Winters can be harsh and we want to make sure that our community stays safe when conditions are cold, icy, and dangerous. This means removing snow from your community or business lot, and dusting the roads with salt and sand. We also do snow and ice removal in parking lots, as well as tow unwanted vehicles from your lot. Whatever your need is in Melville, Uncle Tuddy’s is at your service!

Tow Truck Company Services at Low Cost !!!

When it comes to the most reliable tow truck company with flatbed towing in Melville, you can’t beat Uncle Tuddy’s! Give us a call today to learn more about our car towing services or classic car transport.